How to Start Hacking

First remember one simple thing: Google is your friend. If you keep that in mind at all times you will do just fine. Always try to search for info yourself before asking someone to help you.

When you start out as a total beginner then I suggest you to find a good and reliable beginner-friendly forum, which has its own beginners sub-forum. I suggest because it is one of the most popular and friendliest forums out there in the vast space of internet.

Keep in mind that whenever you hack you should stay undetected and your real location hidden. Use proxys and public wifi points for your safety. And whenever you download some tool or program from Hack Forums, read comments, check out submitters status and rating, because there are some jerks who try to infect your computer with viruses using fake software.

In most cases knowledge of programming language of somekind is necessary.

What kinds of hacking are there?

  1. Account hacking - getting administrative rights, materials, information, databases.
  2. Phone hacking- getting inside mobile phones remotely or manually by hacking PIN and PUK codes
  3. Computer hacking- getting remote access to computers, administrative rights, documents, pictures,.. the list is endless
  4. File hacking and program hacking - getting cracks, serials and expensive software for free
  5. Internet hacking - gaining internet connection

You should also remember that sending viruses and destroying web sites is not hacking but virtual vandalism. I define hacking as a way of getting information from where I want even if it is protected with passwords and encryptions. Most hackers follow strong rules of behavior in internet. So should you.

Please, don't mess with governments and big, almighty Google. They will know if you do, they will punish you and when they do punish you they will hit you hard. Google is one of the biggest companies in the world, of course it will have its ways of catching hackers and most likely they have whole departments for that. That goes for governments as well.

Please remember, this guide is for educational purposes only! Surf safe!

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How to Start Hacking

First remember one simple thing: Google is your friend. If you keep that in mind at all