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Welcome to our website and thanks for visiting. We started this website after receiving countless emails, telephone calls and social media messages from our followers, asking us how we were able to hack into Instagram so easily.

As more and more people started referring to us as the go to source of Instagram hacking information it was really amazing just how many queries we were getting and this made us realise how many people there are out there who, for a variety of different reasons, are looking for an Instagram hacker.

For a while we were helping each person out directly – as soon as we received their request we would take their details and then come back to them with an Instagram password hack guide specific to their scenario.

This worked pretty well, we got tonnes of great feedback, hundreds of thankyou messages and even more requests for help as a result.

Eventually it became clear that we were getting snowed under with all of these requests so we decided to change tactics. First of all, we toyed with the idea of offering this as a paid for service – it seemed like a great business model: We could charge a fixed fee for hacking into Instagram and then set up an ecommerce driven site whereby we could take the users details, complete a transaction and then provide them with the hacked Instagram password as required.

Whilst this was very tempting, in the end we decided against this route, purely because we felt it was just a little too close to complex in terms of the legality. If we were taking direct payment in return for hacking in to Instagram accounts, we felt like we could end up being liable in any circumstance where someone sued for damages resulting from this hacking.

After realising this was not the correct route to take we decided to provide a free service whereby our visitors could hack any Instagram password online without having to make any payment, without having to download and use any complex software and without having to wait.

And so this website was born with those exact motives – to provide free Instagram account hacking to all of our loyal followers via a simple to use tool.

Who would want to use this tool?

This is the really great part about our Instagram password hacking tool – it really can be very useful for so many different types of people. Whilst you might associate this type of service with hackers and people that are up to no good that isn’t always the case. In fact, after carrying out extensive research during the stage where we were providing this information to users on request we found that around 75% of contact requests came from users who had either been locked out of their own Instagram accounts by accident or from those who hack already had their Instagram accounts hacked by other people and were simply trying to get them back.

Other reasons why you might want an Instagram password hack include:

  • To gain your own account back after becoming locked out
  • To retrieve an account belonging to you that has been previously hacked in to
  • To play a prank on one of your friends
  • To steal an Instagram account from a competitor
  • To take control of a dormant Instagram account that a significance to you

Why our online Instagram password hacker is better than any other

We hate to boast as much as the next person but honestly we have used a lot of other Instagram hacking tools – we have used paid online tools, offline software and we have even hired external Instagram hackers to put them through their paces and benchmark them against our tool. The outcome is that our tool is far superior to any other that we have tested. With our tool you can expect the following as standard:

  • Extremely easy to use – the fact that you have found this site and you are reading this article qualifies you to use our tool, that’s how simple and intuitive our system is.
  • Secure – We have built this website and our Instagram hacking tool from the ground up. We own and maintain every line of code and the entire system has been written with security and privacy in mind.
  • Anonymity – We take your privacy very seriously and we guarantee that you will remain anonymous at all costs. We do not hold any of your information on file and we will not disclose any details of activity on this website to any individual or authority.

How to use our Instagram hacking service

Our online Instagram password retrieval service is so easy to use that it hardly warrants an explanation. However, if you a really Interested in how our tool works then head over to the Instagram password hacking page and you can find out all of the information that you need in order to understand our tool. When you are ready this page is also where you can carry out your Instagram password hack and regain access to yours or anyone else’s Instagram account.



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